Monday, March 7, 2011

The Africa Report on Cafe des Arts

The ever charming Susan Deiters, MD of Cafe des Arts was recently featured on The Africa Report.....

We are Loving 2011!!!

Unexpectedly, 2011 has turned out to be mighty fun so far at Cafe des Arts. Here is a quick update for all our fans :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cops and Robbers at Cafe des Arts this Friday (19th November)...

There comes a time when choices have to be made, deals have to be sealed and handcuffs have to be snapped shut! This Friday (19th November), you must take your place....will you be a cop or a robber at Cafe des Arts party of the century! PS: Welcome drinks for the first 100 divinely dressed party people!

Back to School Party Photo Gallery

The fun times!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back To School/Sue's Birthday Party This Friday (15thOctober)

This Friday all roads lead to Cafe Des Arts for the most exciting Back to School costume party along with the ever vibrant Susan Dieters' Birthday celebration. This will be the ultimate party for all who cherish a great night out full of fun school uniforms, teachers, chalk, detention and birthday cakes!!

White T-Shirt Party II Slide Show

Thank you all for attending the White T Shirt Party II! For all who could not make it, here's what you missed!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its Back By Public Demand!! We Present the White T-Shirt Party Reloaded This Friday, September 17th 2010 8pm

Due to a lot of pressure from our beloved friends and fans, Cafe des Arts cordially invites you to the White T-shirt Party Reloaded. This day also marks the birthdays of three close friends of the restaurant. But what good will the party be without you!

Here's how it works: From 8pm onwards, Come in a white T-Shirt, and we'll provide the pens. This is the perfect opportunity to scribble anything on everyone's white t shirts, be it simple drawings, words of wisdom or phone numbers! May the T-Shirt with the most writings win!!

And for all who due to unavoidable circumstances (Sue you're not yet forgiven!) missed the first White T-Shirt Party, here is how it all went down: